Four scenic walks in North Yorkshire


here is no doubt that we are situated in a beautiful surrounding landscape in an extremely picturesque area. What's a better way to take this in then to go on a lovely walk and to visit different spots that are simply breathtaking. Whether you are a keen walker, or you just want to take a stroll, there is definitely something for everybody. Here are the most popular walks around the area:

The Barnard Castle and Abbey Bridge Circular

This walk is a lovely, leisurely walk down by the banks of the River Tees, to Abbey Bridge, where on the way you will come across the ruins of Egglestone Abbey and then back again. You will leave from Scar Top, where you will stroll by the castle walk, down the footpath and cross the river by the Green Bridge. The walk will then lead you across some scenic fields and past Egglestone Abbey and over Abbey Bridge, where you will be able to return through some woods and fields. In total this walk is 3.75 miles and is a great way to get some fresh air for a couple of hours!

Bowes. River Greta, Bow Hills and Gilmonby Moor

This walk is slightly more strenuous than the previous one, at 10.1 miles and taking around 5 hours to complete, however, not the least, it is an amazing route to explore and complete. This walk begins in the village of Bowes, where you begin to follow the River Greta upstream to reach the arch of God’s bridge before crossing to follow Sleightholme Beck. From there, you begin to approach the Pennine Moors and eventually reach the highpoint of the walm at Citron Seat before approaching Gilmonby and back into Bowes.

Bowes to Barnard Castle

Bowes to Barnard castle is a great walk to see some amazing scenery and to really see the sights of the surrounding area. The walk hugs the path of the River Tees, allowing for a great view of the unspoilt countryside as far as the Abbey Bridge. It then allows you to explore further, where you will come across the Egglestone Abbey and St Mary's church, which are both worth the short diversion to visit both of these atmospheric places. From this point, you are able to return to the path and again walk alongside the banks of the River Tees, where you are able to explore Barnard castle before making your way back to Bowes.

Pennine Way Walk

Now if you are looking for a longer, advanced route that passes right through our beautiful area, then the Pennine Way walk is the one for you. This walk is 268 miles and is the oldest and most iconic of England’s National Trails. It starts at the Peak District and comes up right to the Scottish Borders. It is arguably one of the most challenging walks, however, it is most certainly rewarding and is steeped in history. What’s better is during this walk, you can also spend a night (or two), with us here at The Ancient Unicorn for a great place to rest your head, before carrying on with your amazing journey.

There are definitely many amazing walks in our area that are a great way to see the scenery and explore what this wonderful place has to offer!